About Us

DeMiAmerica was created due to a little frustration and a little pregnancy craving craziness of the founder, Adriana. She had just moved to a new place where the nearest Latin store was almost one hour away, and she HAD TO HAVE HER AREPAS! The only alternative she found was to go on Amazon and pay $10 for a pack of 5 arepas, that is $2 per arepa! Her frugal ("Tacaño") dad would have had a heart attack if he heard how much she paid for that!, yet she was finally happy to get her arepa craving satisfied. Our goal is to make you feel closer to your roots, to your home, and to your family, our goal is to give you the opportunity to keep those traditions, those flavors, and that latin essence alive, and at your reach. There is a lot that we give up when we adopt a new country to stay, yet there are still small things that we can do, eat, and wear that still makes us feel at home, and that can transport us back to those days when everything was so familiar and natural, and when we did not have to try.

This frustrating experience got her thinking that it was very likely that Latinas all over the country faced the same situation every day, not only with food, but also with other products that reminded them of home, and that allowed them to show the pride and love for their country. That is when the idea sparked and DeMiAmerica was born.

There are 26 countries in Latin America, however, besides the many things that unite us we have clear differences. The name DeMiAmerica wants to recognize that we all have an America, a Central, Caribbean, or South America that is unique to us,  that has shaped us, and that shapes the people around us. Our Heritage is a beautiful thing, and DeMiAmerica wants to highlight it by making the things closer to your heart, available to you.